Data security and privacy statement


NaraSyst  Ltd. develops visualization / reporting Atlassian Connect add-ons. Stored data is associated with add-on registration i.e. the secure registration token part of Atlassian Connect Express framework and is deployed on Heroku (recommended by Atlassian cloud platform) where each HTTP request get authenticated and authorized.

Data Storage and Facilities

Heroku Cloud Platform used as PaaS  (Platform As a Service) for registration entities.

People and Access

NaraSyst  team accesses Heroku data only for purposes of application health monitoring, system and application maintenance and troubleshooting and only authorized NaraSyst employees have access to it.

Vulnerability Management

NaraSyst has established process to review any reported vulnerabilities and act on them. Security team attempt to release hotfix within 4 weeks of critical vulnerabilities identification. In addition Atlassian team get notified immediately after identification of any vulnerability.


NaraSyst database backups are made on 24h and include only of Atlassian Connect application registration information, no customer data is stored. All backups data is encrypted.

Disaster Recovery

NaraSyst team has integrated system of constant monitoring that proactively identifies outages. In addition any issues with the add-on can be reported under Support System that will notify immediately our support team. Operations team attempts to restore system back to normal within time frames defined under Service Level Agreement (SLA) by restoring data backups or rollback of recent release.

Data Recovery

NaraSyst stores only license add-on registration ID details and on data loss, corruption NaraSyst support team can extract and restore from backup history particular registration records within time frames defined under Service Level Agreement (SLA) .


Performance Objectives Apps or JIRA:

  • NaraSyst does not utilize any cookies within developed Atlassian add-ons.
  • NaraSyst stores only contact details received as part of  support requests submissions.

Performance Objectives website cookies:

  • Session & persistent cookies from WordPress (the website platform provider)
  • 3rd party cookies from Google Analytics (stats for the website visits)