Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR)

Set target as % of average time from ‘Start Progress’ to ‘Resolve’ events and track the popular KPI Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR).

It is possible to track average time spent between any combination of events and break it down to understand more details regarding duration of each stage, reusing the same type of configuration as the one given below.

Check the following 3 min JIRA configuration that allows you to enrich the analyses data by capturing JIRA workflows events like ‘Progress Started’ and build new KPIs using them.

Please find the configuration steps below:

Step 1: Find JIRA issues to be analyzed by creating a Data Source.

Step 2: Select a metric ‘Time between’ and pick: Progress Started for ‘Data from’ and Resolved for ‘Date to’. If you are interested how to capture date events such as ‘Progress Started’ from your workflow, please check the following article.

Step 3: Select ‘Average’ for calculation. It will take the average for value per week as per defined for x-axis in the ‘Display by’ field.

Step 4: Set chart type to be Area.

Step 5: (Optional) The weeks with no data might be excluded from the chart by enabling ‘Exclude empty weeks’ in the ‘Display By’ modal window.

Step 6: Group By data by ‘Components’ to visualize their distribution side by side.

Step 7: Switch-on Target section and keep the ‘Fixed’ tab selected.

Step 8: Identify suitable target level and set it. For our sample configuration it is 30.

Step 9: Enable the ‘Threshold warning’ in the ‘More settings’ section and keep the default value of 50% of Target. It will color in amber the values above that level.

Recording: Please find the detailed configuration settings in the following recording:

KPI MTTR – Mean Time To Resolve