PoP % Change KPI

Set PoP (Period over Period) goal as % of Change, compared to previous period.

The goal might be set as an overall change Period over Period or as a change per x-axis item, as given on both pictures below:

KPI PoP Change Chart
KPI PoP Change Chart X

Please find the configuration steps below:

KPI PoP Change Config 1

Step 1: Add the comparison periods as 2 data sources. In the case we use Q1 and Q2.

Step 2: Select metric that will be evaluated.

Step 3: Select the Data source B (with the Q2 data) for the metric value calculation.

Step 4: Select the date field to be ‘by Index’ in order to compare different periods on the same x-axis.

Step 5: Switch on the Target section and select type ‘% Change’.

Step 6: Toggle between any of the 2 result presentation options. The first one is used by default.

Step 7: Select data source A (with Q1 data) for the target value calculation.

Step 8: Set target as +40% change, compared to previous period, by setting 140%.

Step 9: Enable the ‘Warning Threshold’ under ‘More Settings’ section and set value on your preference. It will color the results in ‘Amber’ prior reaching the Target level.

KPI PoP Change Config MoreSettings

The recording below shows KPI configuration that sets goal for 5% increase quarter on quarter (QoQ) of completed Story Points by the team.

KPI PoP Change Recording

You may switch on the Area mode and set Stacked by to any field e.g. Issue Type to get view as given below:

KPI Percent Change KPI