Radial bar chart

Create Radial bar charts on Jira dashboard using the ‘Circular Chart’ gadget in Performance Objectives app. Use it as an alternative to a regular bar chart to create visually appealing reports for your audience.

It is good for presenting small number of categories that follow certain sequence or hierarchy, e.g. to display one metric by year for up to 5-7 years, or compare one metric for multiple projects, or to visualize the distribution of one metric on various issue types, etc.

Below are the visualization options for radial bar.

Basic Radial bar chart ‘Stacked By’ field ‘Issue Type’. Metric is ‘Number of issues’, displayed ‘By Month’.

RadialBarChart Stacked

Basic Radial bar chart configured with ‘Group By’ option. Chart metric is ‘Number of Issues’, grouped by metric ‘Time in Status (h): ‘To do’, configured with one Metric Distribution Slot – 48h.

RadialBarChart GroupBy Metric

Basic Radial bar series. Metric is ‘Number of Issues’, displayed by ‘Created By Month”:

RadialBar basic

Check the video with configuration steps for the above examples:

You can combine ‘Group By’ and ‘Stack By’ options one in Radial Bar chart, but it may become too difficult to read, depending on the selected data source and metric. Consider using one of the other charting options available in the app when you need to segment metric by more than 2 fields or other metrics.

Check the other chart types in Performance Objectives app in our Charts overview page.

If you need further help configuring your reports and KPIs, please contact our Support team.

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