% of Average Story Points

Average points that a developer achieve during multiple Sprint. Recognized ownership based on transitioning from status e.g. "In Progress" to "Review" of certain user. Watch Video

Punctuality of reported defects

Improve QA capability of finding and describing stable reproduce patterns and improve Bug cases content quality. e.g. Max 5% of total Bugs reported by QA team to be closed with resolution 'Not a defect' , 'Duplicate' or 'Can not reproduce'. Watch Video

Time between events

Track average time spent between any combination of events and break it down to understand more details regarding WIP distribution. e.g. Set target as % of average time from Start Progress to Resolve  for  operations critical issues . Watch Video

Improve by % vs. period

Set & track target as % of improvement of certain metric vs past period . Watch Video

Agile Team Velocity

Target as % of average story points that team completes over multiple sprints/release period. Watch Video

Decrease reopen iterations

Encourage decreasing the number not verified well Stories or Defects: e.g. Max 5% of total issues to exceeding 3 "Reopen iterations". Watch Video

Personal Velocity

Set individual target aligned with capacity, availability, seniority of certain developer and track it against % of average story points achieved  per sprint for the evaluated period. Watch Video

Performance based on complexity

Understand on average time of delivering Stories with certain complexity and evaluate their estimation accuracy. Watch Video

Decrease time spent in rework

Set objective to decrease time spent in rework e.g. Max 20% of Time Spent to be in bug fixing. Watch Video

Caputure new metrics with simple configurations

Learn how to design and configure objectives aligned with your process. Enhance insights from build-in JIRA metrics.  Capture new metrics like number of specific iterations, time between custom events . Combine them with existing ones and get the picture that fit best to your work flow.   Learn more