Agreement Overview

By purchasing NaraSyst add-ons, you also receive support service, and its scope is outlined in this document. Our support team targets to respond in 24h and to provide subsequent updates on the progress on every 48h, but usually this happens much faster when raised within official business hours.

Support Service Availability

Business hours:  08:00 – 22:00 (EEST), Monday – Sun.

Support Service Scope

Support of NaraSyst add-ons with valid license in the following cases:

  • Issues during installation of NaraSyst add-ons
  • Issues during upgrades of NaraSyst add-ons
  • Troubleshooting issues with NaraSyst add-ons usage and identification of possible workarounds.
  • Issues of using documented NaraSyst add-ons features
  • Disaster and Data recovery
  • Security vulnerabilities management

Support Service Exclusions

  • Clients without valid license.
  • Training for NaraSyst add-ons.
  • Administration, configuration and troubleshooting issues related to Atlassian applications, e.g., Jira, Confluence, etc.
  • Support of add-ons not developed by NaraSyst.
  • Known limitations and issues outlined in the documentation or within release notes.
  • Beta or Development releases of NaraSyst add-ons.
  • Support of issues that occur in browsers other than Atlassian officially supported.
  • Support requests submitted in other than English language.
  • Support of free NaraSyst add-ons.

Support Channels