Decrease wasted time in moving back and forth tasks by setting employee goals

Underestimated impact of iterations.

Back and forth iterations of tasks is common issue and cause of wasted time and team energy that can be mitigated by setting employee goals. In hurry to start or complete certain task as quickly as possible team members miss to complete in full certain actions or to provide necessarily handover details to customers or their team mates. In desire to save few minutes are wasted hours in back and forth clarifications, distraction from switching from one task to another and even restarting work from scratch.

Decrease back and forth in workflow KPI

What is the cause?

There are situations that occasionally occur, no matter how strict company process is. Few of them are listed below:

  • Handover a task without executing necessarily testing and impact assessment.
  • Reporting an issue without enough details like context, reproduce pattern and expectation.
  • Starting a task with incomplete requirements and so taking risk of making wrong assumption.
  • Starting task with uncertainty and without agreement with stakeholders on the final solution

What is the reason?

There are variety of possible reasons including: conscious decisions for making exceptions as justification of emergencies; distraction from side activities; misleading judgements based on previous experience; Too much trust in the others domain knowledge or expertise. But most common is believe that task is good enough to be transitioned and the additional details can be skip with assumption that others will have the ability to see same picture through our eyes.

Collecting KPIs data

Tracking metrics like iterations on each stage of the process like “Reopen iterations”, “Development iterations”, “Review iterations”, “Testing iterations” might be easily done in JIRA with few customizations of workflows and Performance Objectives add-on. Following  3 min JIRA configuration steps shows how to start collecting more data from your business processes that can be analyzed later and to be used to enrich the set of the company KPIs.

Setting goals

Increasing team awareness of wasted time in iterations is important.  Introducing the KPI will be well accepted from team when they realize the positives of saved time that could be invested in more meaningful way for them and the company. The quarterly goals based on the iterations will add another aspect of evaluation to your performance review process.