New KPIs in 3 min JIRA configuration

Capture new JIRA workflow event metrics to enhance your company or team performance objectives and create new company KPIs using the collected data.

In context of Support team these might look as follows:

  • Support Iterations – the number of times issue get returned to support. It might be used for KPIs e.g. Decrease back-and-forth in workflow.
  • Supported by – the JIRA user that investigated the issue. In many cases it might differ from the assignee. Identify more accurately the key contributers within the team with KPIs e.g. First Contact Resolution (FCR)
  • Support Started – the start date of support that might be used to track KPIs e.g. First Response Time (FRT).

In context of Quality Assurance these might be:

  • Test Iterations : Number of times issue was in testing. Set metrics that decrease the repeating cycles. Combined with “Resolution” (e.g. “Duplicate”,”Cannot reproduce”, “Not a defect”) will help improve team punctuality by setting KPIs e.g. Punctuality of reported defects.
  • Tested by : The user that resolved / transitioned issue from “Testing” status to “Done” (or “Resolved”, or “Closed”).  That will allow setting individual goals by QA or Development team member with KPIs like Decrease time spent in rework.
  • Testing Start: The time when issue was moved in status “Testing”. Capturing such event date enables creation of derive metrics based on Avg. time between events e.g. Cycle Time KPI.

Adapt same technique to track similar information e.g. Review Iterations, Reviewed By, Reopen Iterations, Reopened By or whatever fits most to your workflow.

Step 1: Add JIRA Custom Fields

Add JIRA custom fields that will store the workflow events info that you would like to track and use within your KPIs.

New KPI Metrics. Adding JIRA custom fields

Check following JIRA configuration of new custom fields: Support Iterations, Supported by and Support Started date.

New Support KPI Metrics. Adding JIRA custom fields

Step 2: Capture new JIRA workflow events

Locate the the JIRA workflow(s) that serves the issue type(s) in which you are interested to set metrics. Identify the transition step(s) within the workflow and set post functions that store data from the issue context within the Custom Fields that would allow you future analyses and setting new company goals as part your OKR process.

New KPI Metrics. Adding JIRAworkflow events

Please check following recording with exact JIRA configuration steps.

New Support KPI Metrics Adding JIRA workflow events

Step 3: Create new KPIs using the collected data.

Check following more popular KPI examples with their configurations in JIRA.