New KPIs with simple JIRA configurations.

3 testing metrics in 3 minutes

Capture new JIRA workflow event metrics to enhance team performance objectives and create new KPIs. In context of QA and testing these might look as follows:

  • Test Iterations : Number of times issue was in testing. Enabling to track the time lost in iterations and combined with “Resolution” (e.g. “Duplicate”,”Cannot reproduce”, “Not a defect”) to set objectives improving punctuality of Quality Assurance and/or Development team.
  • Tested by : The user that resolved / transitioned issue from “Testing” status to “Done” (or “Resolved”, “Closed”).  Enabling to segment performance objectives by QA user and set individual ones.
  • Testing Start: The time when issues was moved in status “Testing”. Enabling to set objective based on Avg. time between events for issues in status testing.

Adapt same technique to capture similar information e.g. Review Iterations, Reviewed By, Reopen Iterations, Reopened By or whatever fits most to your workflow.

Check following video recording with the exact configuration steps: