Agile Team Velocity KPI

Analyze team velocity in Jira with Performance Objectives app and set Target as % of Moving average (MA) of Story Points that a team completes for a multiple sprints period.

team velocity

Configuration steps using Performance Objectives dashboard gadget:

Team Velocity KPI settings

Step 1: Select Jira data that you want to analyze by configuring it into a Data Source.

Step 2: Select ‘Story Points’ metric.

Step 3: For x-axis select ‘Sprint’ by setting it under ‘Display by’ field.

Step 4: (Optional) Visualize distribution by ‘Fix version’ or any other criteria.

Step 5: Switch-on Target section and select ‘% of Avg’ tab.

Step 6: Evaluate Targets per Sprint as Moving Average (MA) of the Story Points of the previous Sprints.

Step 7: Set target level as 95% of the Avg. Story Points calculated as MA.

Step 8: Under the ‘More Setting’ section enable ‘Warning threshold’. The results above the threshold and under the target level will be colored in amber on the chart.

Recording: Please check the following recording for detailed configuration settings for Agile Team Velocity KPI:

KPI AgileTeamVelocity Recording

Track team velocity along with other metrics to measure team’s progress and performance. Explore our KPIs page and our User Guide to see how our app can help you get more insights from your Jira data.

Use the search option in the website to find more examples for reports based on ‘Story Points’ metric or search for other metrics you need to track in Jira.

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