Agile Team Velocity KPI

Target as % of moving average (MA) of Story Points that a team completes for a multiple sprints period.

KPI AgileTeamVelocity Chart

Configuration steps using Performance Objectives dashboard gadget for jira:

KPI AgileTeamVelocity Config

Step 1: Select JIRA issues data to be analyzed by configuring it into a Data Source.

Step 2: Select ‘Story Points’ metric.

Step 3: For x-axis select ‘Sprint’ by setting it under ‘Display by’ field.

Step 4: (Optional) Visualize distribution by ‘Fix version’ or any other criteria.

Step 5: Switch-on Target section and select ‘% of Avg’ tab.

Step 6: Evaluate Targets per Sprint as Moving Average (MA) of the Story Points of the previous Sprints.

Step 7: Set target level as 95% of the Avg. Story Points calculated as MA.

Step 8: Under the ‘More Setting’ section enable ‘Warning threshold’. The results above the threshold and under the target level will be colored in amber on the chart.

Recording: Please check following recording for the detail configuration settings

KPI AgileTeamVelocity Recording