Heat Map Chart

Identify hot and cold areas in your Jira data sets using the Heat map chart.

In addition to the X and Y axis values it will enrich your analysis with the “color axis”, being suitable for displaying correlations and patterns.

The chart may be configured on any Jira standard dashboard using the ‘Heat Map’ gadget in Performance Objectives for Jira app.

Visualizing Work Log Time: A Heat Map Report by Issue Type and Author

In the example below, our Heat Map optimizes resource allocation and workload management, facilitates data-driven decisions for project management, and provides clear visual insights to enhance performance tracking.

Heat map chart - Work Log Time by Issue Type by Work Log Author

Please find the configuration screen and steps below:

Heat Map configuration screen

Step 1: Add data source. Filter out the issues that need to be analyzed. Check the Configuration overview article for more information about the Data Sources settings and options.

Step 2: Select metric ‘Work Log Time (h)’ from the available metric options.

Step 3: Select field ‘Work Log Author’ for Horizontal by’ from the available field options.

Step 4: Select field ‘Issue Type’ for ‘Vertical by’ from the available field options. Save the configuration.

Step 5: (Optional) Change the default color.

Step 6: (Optional) Reorder the X-axis items with the custom reorder feature.

Heat map - color change

Video settings: Watch the video with the configuration steps:

You may utilize color change feature in Heat Map charts to create visually appealing dashboard with your preferred metrics.

Match data segments with colors that can be visually interpreted and keep them consistent.

Heat Map Dashboard

Another example of report suitable to visualize with Heat Map chart is Support Requests by time of day.

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