Set metric and targets as averages from current or other metrics or data segments like past periods.

Calculate metrics or set individual targets based on the average performance e.g.:

  • Sample KPI 1: Average tasks per Hour of the Day per Assignee and identify the time slots that need more capacity to handle the load.
AverageNumOfIssuesByDayOfWeekPerAssignee Config 1
AverageNumOfIssuesByDayOfWeekPerAssignee Config 2

Please check recording below with steps by step configuration of the scenarios above.


  • Sample KPI 2: Average Work Log Time per Day of Week per Work Log Author .Visualize the team utilization level per day of week.
AvgWorkLogByDayOfWeekPerAssignee Config 1
AvgWorkLogByDayOfWeekPerAssignee Config 2
  • Sample KPI 3: Get the Avg. number of issues per hour per day from the ‘Data Source’ date range.
AvgNumIssuesPerHourPerDay Config 1
AvgNumIssuesPerHourPerDay Config 2
AvgNumIssuesPerHourPerDay Config 3
  • Sample KPI 4: Get the Avg. number of tasks per day of week (i.e. Mon, Tue,..) for the the quarter of the whole team and used them as target for the individual performance
AvgTarget NumOfIssuesPerDayOfWeek
AvgTarget NumOfIssuesPerDayOfWeek Config 3