Custom Colors

You can change colors one by one directly from the chart for your current gadget configuration or change the default color palette for the Performance Objectives app from the Jira admin app settings.

1. Pick custom colors on your preference straight from the chart and save the configuration with it.

Pick custom colors for saved configurations directly from the chart

The feature is available for all Performance Objectives Dashboard gadgets. Please check the following recording of color change in Multi Metric Combined Chart:

Custom color

You may also check these examples for color change in Tree Map and Circular charts – Donut & Sunburst.

2. You can change the default color palette for Performance Objectives app in the Jira administration app settings.

Go to Admin Settings > Apps > Performance Objectives app > Color palette.

Color Palette change from admin panel
Color palette change for Performance Objectives app

The Performance Objectives palette is set by default. You can create a custom palette using your company’s corporate colors, or you can create a color blind-friendly palette.

If you prefer your Performance Objectives chart colors being consistent with your out of the box Jira charts, you can switch to default Atlassian colors.

You can change colors by writing down the hex color codes, picking colors from the available color selection panel and moving color blocks up and down. The color order means their order of appearance in the charts, so if you have 5 groups/stacks in one configuration, they will be displayed with the first five colors in the palette.

Check the palette change settings in the following video recording:

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