Range Date

Build reports like Created vs Resolved vs …, etc. Compare the trend of different date fields defined in ‘Data Source’ date range and sync them on the x-axis timeline using ‘Display by’: ‘Range Date‘ option.

Please find configuration steps to utilize the feature.

Step 1: Add Data Source with date range based on ‘Created’ date field

Step 2: Add Data Source with date range based on ‘Resolved’ date field for the same period. Repeat the same action with other date fields e.g. ‘Progress Started’, ‘Status Category Change’, etc. as given the in the sample config.

Step 3: Select ‘Range Date’ field for ‘Display by’. It is special field that sync on the same x-axis timeline all values from the date fields defined into the data sources in the sample case the JIRA issue date fields: ‘Created’, ‘Resolved’, ‘Progress Started’, ‘Status Category Change’.

Step 4: Set Group by ‘Data Source’ to display distinctive trend for each data source based on its respective date field used for Date Range.

Step 5: Select Cumulative mode that will show the accumulated data with each x-axis item. In the sample case that data will be aggregated by week.

Recording: Please check following recording with ‘Date range’ feature usage: