Sunburst chart / Donut Chart

Create impressive interactive reports with Sunburst chart visualization on your Jira Dashboard using the ‘Circular Chart’ gadget available in Performance Objectives app. Choose it when you need to visualize hierarchical data and provide quick summaries. Click on any of the inner elements to drill down and inspect the data in more details.

Change the default colors to fit your data best and improve the visual effectiveness of the report.

3-level Sunburst chart:

3 Level Sunburst chart

2-level Sunburst:

2 Level Sunburst chart

1-level Sunburst / simple Donut chart with slice selection:

Donut chart

1 Level Sunburst in 3d view:

Donut chart - 3D view

Sample configuration steps for 3 Level Sunburst chart:

Step 1: Add data source. Filter out the issues that need to be analyzed. To explore Data Source options, please check the Configuration Overview article.

Step 2: Select metric ‘Story Points’ from the available metric options.

Step 3: In the Display settings select field ‘Assignee’ for ‘Level 1’ from the available field options.

Step 4: Select field ‘Issue Type’ for ‘Level 2’ from the available field options.

Step 5: Select field ‘Priority’ for ‘Level 3’ from the available field options. Save the configuration.

Step 6: (Optional) Choose custom colors for your chart.

Video recording with the sample configuration steps:

Use the ‘Circular chart’ gadget to create reports like Support requests by hour of day.

Explore the other chart types available in the app.

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