Time between dates

Define metrics as time difference between any 2 date fields in Jira. Show the results in minutes, hours or days and choose the type of calculation: sum / average / moving average. Use the numerous customization options to build your custom ‘Time between’ report with Performance Objectives app.

Time between metric in Performance Objectives app

Check the configuration screen with ‘Time between’ metric selection options:

Time between dates in Jira

The below recording is showing the configuration for ‘Time between created and First date in status ‘In progress’.

  • First date in status / Last date in status are date fields that in addition may be used in ‘Time between’ and ‘Time since’ metrics. Once selected, you can add one or multiple statuses. In case of multiple statuses, the first date when the issue is transitioned to any of the statuses in the list is taken.
  • First date in assignee / Last date in assignee: use it to display time between ‘Created’ and ‘First date in one or multiple assignees’, or last day in ‘Unassigned’, etc.

Here are some more use cases to measure time between dates in Jira and to get more insights on your workflow:

  • Time from ‘Due date’ to ‘Resolved’
  • Time from ‘Created’ to ‘First date in Assignee’
  • Time from ‘Review started’ to ‘Resolved’, etc.

You may find more examples of KPI reports based on this metric in the following articles: Mean Time to Resolution, Cycle Time Report, First Response Time.

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