Pie chart

Create pie chart reports or sunburst charts on your Jira dashboard using the ‘Circular Chart’ gadget in Performance Objectives app.

Pie chart is suitable for small datasets to visualize a part-to-whole comparison. Use it for basic reports like: Number of issues by priority, Time spent by assignee, Original estimate by issue type, Story points by assignee, etc.

Pie chart sample:

Pie Chart image

Configuration steps and screen preview:

Step 1: Add data source. Filter out the issues you need to analyze. To explore Data Source options, please check the Configuration Overview article.

Pie Chart Data Source selection

Step 2: Select metric ‘Number of Issues’ from the available metric options.

Step 3: In the Display Settings select field ‘Status’ for Level 1 from the available field options. Save the configuration.

Pie Chart settings screen 1

Step 4: (Optional) Choose custom colors for your Pie chart.

Video recording with the sample configuration steps:

Using the same basic configuration you may dig deeper into the selected data and add more details to your report. Just select a field or metric for Level 2 that will make sense and you will get 2 Level Sunburst chart. In the example case we add Components for Level 2.

Here is the visualization with ‘Status’ for Level 1 and ‘Components’ for Level 2:

2 Level Pie Sunburst 1

Adding field or metric for Level 3 will give you 3 Level Sunburst chart. Check the Sunburst Chart article to see examples and sample settings.