Formula Metrics

Formula Metric feature allows you to create custom KPIs by combining multiple metrics from different data segments in user defined math equation. Put special metric weights or cost of work, depending on the segment.

Create Custom Formula Metric with Performance Objectives app.

Multiple data sources may be used for various data segmentation, e.g., by projects, time frames, user groups, statuses, custom JQL, etc., that can be combined in a formula. The example above shows data segmentation by time, i.e. Q1 & Q2.

FormulaOverview PostImg 2

The picture below shows Data Source segmentation capabilities:


Please check the detailed configuration steps utilizing the Formula feature on the following recording:

Formula Recording

Use the Formula metric feature to set and track your custom KPIs with Performance Objective: Charts for Jira app. Check some use cases you may follow or browse them to get ideas on how to build your own indicators:

You know that your Jira contains valuable information, and you have an idea for a specific indicator, but you do not know how to track it? Review our documentation or contact us to see if it is achievable with Performance Objectives app.