Budget vs. Actual

Track reports such as ‘Budget vs. Actual’ for cost of work or any other formula-built cost calculation segmented by custom criteria or any Jira field. Use the Performance Trend Dashboard gadget.

KPI Budget vs Actual Chart

Please check the following configuration steps using the Performance Trend gadget:

KPI Budget vs Actual Config

Step 1: Identify set of JIRA issues by their ‘Resolved’ date, which are considered as completed.

KPI Budget vs Actual DataSource

Step 2: Select ‘Formula’ for metric calculation.

Step 3: Add the metric ‘Σ Time Spent (h)’ as a formula parameter.

image 1

Step 4: Set to ‘Cost of work’ the name of the Formula metric.

Step 5: Set the formula equation to ‘P1 * 20‘, i.e. “Time Spent x Cost per Hour” assuming that the cost per hour is $ 20.

Step 6: Group by ‘Assignee’. Another option is to use ‘Work Log Author’, but then in the Formula should be used ‘Work Log Time (h)’ metric instead of ‘Σ Time Spent (h)’ for better accuracy.

Step 7 : Select ‘Decreasing’ mode of the metric.

Step 8: Set staring point from which will be divided the calculated metric value for each subsequent x-axis item.

Step 9: Switch on Target section and leave the ‘Fixed’ tab selected. Select ‘Burndown’ option of evaluating the result per each x-axis item against the target.

Step 10: Set starting point of the Target value that will be decreasing to zero, providing the ideal guideline on the chart. If it matches with the value from Step 8, both will start from the same level on the chart.

Step 11: Set target as negative by switching ‘Exceeding is’ to ‘Bad’. That means that the achieved values above the target level will be colored in red and will be considered as a negative result.

Step 12: Under ‘More Settings’ section choose the Chart inline results to be shown only into the Tooltip that popup on hover of each data point on the chart.

KPI Budget vs Actual MoreSettings

Step 13: Under ‘More Settings’ section enable the ‘Warning threshold’. By that the values which are above the threshold and below the target will be colored in amber.

Step 14: Enable the ‘Custom Target Label’ and set it to ‘Budget’ or whatever makes more sense to your process.

Recording: Please check the following recording with the detailed configuration settings.

BurndownRecording Recording 1