Punctuality of reported defects

Set goal to decrease reported false-positive cases by QA team. Improve QA capability of finding and describing stable reproduce patterns.

The KPI might be defined as follows: “Max 5% of total Bugs reported by QA team might be false-positives. Issues closed with resolution, e.g., ‘Not a defect’ , Duplicate’, or ‘Can not reproduce’, etc“.

  • KPI overview using Performance Trend dashboard gadget and step by step configuration of the goal.
  • The same KPI might be configured using Performance Objectives and Stacked By ‘Resolution’.

Please find below the steps with the settings for the ‘Performance Trend’ gadget.

Step 1: Add 2 Data Sources: ‘All’ and ‘False-Positives’.

Step 2: Select Data Source ‘A’ with the ‘False-Positives’ for the metric values.

Step 3: Select ‘Group by’ reporter, which will break down the data by users who raised the JIRA issues.

Step 4: Use the ‘Cumulative’ mode to present the accumulated data with each week.

Step 5: Switch-on Target and select ‘% of Total’ option.

Step 6: Select results presentation ‘Per x-axis item’ that will allow you to follow the progression of the KPI to the set target.

Step 7: Select Data Source ‘B’ with ‘All’ JIRA issues that will be used for the target value calculation.

Step 8: Set level of ‘5%’ as max acceptable false-positives per reporter.

Step 9: Set to ‘Bad’ the toggle ‘Exceeding is’ that indicates whether the objective is positive or negative. So if it is exceeded the results will be highlighted in red.

Step 10: Under ‘More Settings’ section switch on the ‘Warning Threshold’ which is set as 50% of the target value by default.

Step 11: Under ‘More Settings’ section switch on the ‘Custom Target Label’ and set label which indicates that the target is negative. This will communicate that exceeding the target is considered as failed objective.

Recording: Please check the recording with the configuration: