Complexity vs. Performance KPI

Check the average time of delivering Stories with certain complexity and evaluate their estimation accuracy, requirements quality, or developer expertise within Agile team.

KPI Complexity impact on performance

Pivot view of the data with possibility to be exported in CSV for further analyses.

KPI Compexity vs Performance on Pivot

Step by step configuration using Performance Objectives dashboard gadget:

KPI Complexity vs Performance Config

Step 1: Find the ‘Team’ or ‘Project’ data that you search to analyze by adding it as ‘Data Source’.

Step 2: Select ‘Time spent’ metric.

Step 3: Pick ‘Average’ calculation method.

Step 4: Choose ‘Vertical’ orientation that will allow to fit more items on x-axis because the height is not limited.

Step 5: Select ‘Story Points’ for ‘Display by’ and each variation in the issues from the Data Source will be listed on the x-axis.

Step 6: (Optional) Select ‘Issue Type’ or other criteria to further break down data.

Recording: Please find below a recording with the detailed configuration settings:

KPI Complexity vs Performance Recording