Personal Velocity KPI

Set individual target aligned with capacity, availability, seniority of certain developer and track it against % of overall story points achieved per sprint for the evaluated period.

The goal definition might be as simple as : “Achieve 30 Story Points per Sprint on average per quarter. Get 100% of the bonus if above target or just 50% if above given threshold.

Narrow issues associated with a particular developer work using JQL that best fit your process. Here are few ideas:

  • status CHANGED FROM “In Progress” TO “Resolved” BY linda.jones
  • resolution CHANGED TO “Completed” BY linda.jones
  • assignee = linda.jones

In the example below it are the Story points achieved for the evaluated quarter shown by Sprint.

KPI : Personal Velocity
  • Shown break downs of the the result in a pivot table and download them in necessarily in CSV for further analyses or future reference.
Personal velocity KPI as break down by issue type on pivot table
  • Steps by step configuration below uses Performance Objectives dashboard gadget.
KPI : Personal Velocity, Step by Step configuration