Personal Velocity KPI

Create personal velocity report in Jira and set individual target aligned with capacity, availability, seniority of a certain developer. and track it against % of overall story points achieved per sprint for the evaluated period.

The goal definition might be as simple as: “Achieve X Story Points per Sprint on average per quarter. Get 100% of the bonus if above target or just 50% if above given threshold.

Narrow issues associated with a particular developer work using JQL that best fits your process. Here are a few ideas:

  • status CHANGED FROM “In Progress” TO “Resolved” BY linda.jones
  • resolution CHANGED TO “Completed” BY linda.jones
  • assignee = linda.jones

You can measure individual velocity through this report, but please note that this is only one of many metrics for evaluating individual performance. It’s debatable whether this is a good metric to add to your performance measurement process, especially if you’re implementing Scrum or Agile methodology. You may choose to use this report to identify areas for improvement in your teams without setting a target. However, there are many teams looking to measure individual velocity, so this configuration is still detailed below in the article.

In the example below are the Story points achieved for the evaluated quarter shown by Sprint.

KPI PersonalVelocity
  • Show breakdown of the the results in a pivot table and download them in CSV if necessary for further analysis or future reference.
KPI PersonalVelocity Pivot

Please find the configuration steps below:

KPI PersonalVelocity Config

Step 1: Define data source that identifies the issues to which a particular user has contributed.

KPI PersonalVelocity DataSource

Step 2: Select ‘Story Points’ as metric to be evaluated.

Step 3: Set ‘Sprint’ as ‘Display by’ option that will appear on the x-axis.

Step 4: Set ‘Issue Type’ for ‘Stacked by’ to see the distribution of the issues by that criteria.

Step 5: Switch-on Target section and keep it with ‘Fixed’ tab selected.

Step 6: Set fixed value for target level to whatever makes most sense for your data. (300 is used for our sample configuration).

Recording: Please check the following recording with sample configuration using the ‘Performance Objectives’ dashboard gadget:

KPI PoP Change Recording

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