Bugs missed by engineering KPI

A good KPI to track using your Jira data is number of defects raised outside the engineering team. Most of them are likely end-user facing and might impact customer satisfaction.

KPI Bugs missed by engineering

Below is a step by step guide to using the Performance Trend dashboard gadget to configure KPI that tracks number of bugs not caught by engineering.

Config KPI Bugs missed by engineering

Step 1: Configure data source which isolates the issues reported outside QA and dev team. The following JQl query helps to achieve this: “reporter not in membersOf(dev-team)”, where “dev-team” should be user group defined in your JIRA which includes all dev team members.

Data Source KPI Bugs missed by engineering

Step 2: (Optional) Set ‘Group by’ to Components.

Step 3: Set the Display mode to ‘Cumulative’ and get accumulated data with each week (x-axis item in the sample case).

Step 4: Switch-on Target section and set results to be evaluated per week (i.e. x-axis item).

Step 5: Set target level value to whatever makes more sense for your data. In the sample configuration it is ‘8’.

Step 6: Define target as negative by setting ‘Exceeding is’: Bad. By that the results on the chart which are above the target will be colored in ‘Red’ and will be considered as failed to achieve.

Step 7: Under ‘More Settings’ section enable the ‘Warning threshold’, By that the results that are above that level and under the target will be colored in amber.

More Settings KPI Bugs missed by engineering

Step 8: Enable ‘Custom Target label’ and set label which will indicate that the target is negative, e.g. Fail.

Recording: Please check the following recording with detailed configuration steps:

Bugs MissedByEngineering Recording

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