Max Age KPI

Set the metric to track the time since certain date, e.g. Created, Updated, Resolved, etc., and define target as ‘Max age’ in days or hours for the issues from the Data Source.

MaxAge Chart Img 2 1

Please find the configuration steps below:

KPI MaxAge Config

Step 1: Identify JIRA issues to be analyzed by configuring them within the Data Source.

Step 2: Select the metric ‘Time since’ and pick the ‘Created’ JIRA date field for ‘Event’.

KPI MaxAge Metric

Step 3: Choose vertical orientation of the chart that will allow to fit more items on the x-axis, because the height in the JIRA dashboard is better suited to be extended.

Step 4: Use ‘Issue Summary’ for ‘Display by’ to get distinguished metric by JIRA issue.

Step 5: Switch on Target section and leave the ‘Fixed’ tab selected.

Step 6: Set target results to be calculated against each x-axis item.

Step 7: Define target level. In the sample configuration above it is 220.

Step 8: Mark target as negative by setting ‘Exceeding’ is: ‘Bad’ . That means that if the target is exceeded, the results will be colored in red.

Step 9: Under ‘More Settings’ section, enable the ‘Warning threshold’ and set value as % of the target. It will color in Amber the results above that level.

Step 10: (Optional) Hiding of the ‘Threshold’ label might be considered if the chart is crowdy.

Step 11: Enable the ‘Custom Target Label’ and set value ‘Max age (d)’ to indicate the negative type of the Target on the chart.

KPI MaxAge MoreSettings

Recording: Please check the following recording with the step by step configuration:

TimeSince Recording 1