Work calendars

Get actual ‘Time in status’, ‘Time in assignee’, ‘Time since’, Time between’ metrics considering the work time.

Configure multiple calendars aligned with your team time zone, location and working hours. Specify calendars for each shift of your Service Management team and configure more precise KPIs using the Performance Objectives dashboard gadgets.

Navigate to Jira Administration > App management page, find the ‘Performance Objectives’ section in the left navigation panel and click on the ‘Work calendars’ item.

WorkCalendar Page Img 1

Add calendar for each of your teams and locations and set the respective Time Zone, the applicable working hours, add the official bank holidays.

WorkCalendar Post Img 2

Define multiple time slots per work day that align with the flexible work time schedule of a specific team or customer support shift.

WorkCalendar Post Img 3

Use the work calendars in the configuration of ‘Time in status‘, Time in assignee‘, ‘Time since‘ and ‘Time between‘ metrics in the Performance Objectives dashboard gadgets.

WorkCalendar Post Img 4

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