Moving Average

Use Moving Average as a metric calculation with Performance Objectives app and present any selected Jira metric as Moving average.

The feature is available in Performance Objectives and Performance Trend dashboard gadgets. It will smooth data and give you good visibility of certain trends or patterns. Consider analyzing a longer time period to reduce the impact of random deviations in the data that can more significantly affect a short time period analysis.

Moving Average (MA) calculation can be specified by the user for every report to derive from all past successive segments or from last ‘n’ successive segments.

The Concept of Rolling Average

You will find many different interpretations of the terms moving and rolling average on the Internet, they are very often defined as identical or are used interchangeably. In the tooltip below we have given an example of how we calculate MA in the app. We use Simple Moving Average formula. If you need to calculate another type of MA, consider using the Formula Metrics feature in the app.

Moving Average as metric calculation 1

If you observe that recent changes in a long-term data set better reflect the trend in your performance, consider using use the last ‘n’ successive segments option.

Sample Use Case: Calculating Weekly Moving Average for Resolved Story Points

Set and track relevant and achievable target based on the smoothed data and monitor changes over time on your Jira Dashboard.

The screen below shows settings for 3 week MA of Resolved Story Points per week in a 21 weeks period:

Moving average

To add target and threshold to the above configuration, please switch ‘Target’ section ON and open ‘More settings’ section as in the following preview:

Moving average as metric

Video recording with step by step configuration using Performance Objectives Dashboard gadget:

Other similar reports to build utilizing MA feature are:

  • 5 Sprint Moving average velocity per sprint
  • 6 week MA Resolved issues per week, etc.

MA calculation is also available as a target calculation with Performance Objectives app.

Read more under: Moving Average as Target

If you need further help with configuring your reports and KPIs, contact our Support team.

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