Set Maximum Y-Axis Value

A new toggle is now available in Performance Objectives for Jira app. It gives you control over the maximum y-axis value in your bar charts.

By default, the app determines dynamically the maximum scale values of the vertical axis (the y-axis) depending on the dataset. With this new feature you can customize the scale to better meet your needs. 

You will find it in More Settings section when editing your dashboard gadget as shown here:

Set maximum y-axis value

Here is an example of how this feature may be of good use to you:

If you have created similar reports with the same metrics but with large differences in result values on your dashboard (e.g., for different projects/products, etc.), and yet you would like to place them next to each other for easy visual comparison, e.g.:

Customize y-axis in Performance Objectives app
Number of issues /bugs/ created by month – Charts by Project – Max Y-Axis value 175

In the above Dashboard example, every chart is set with fixed y-axis value (175), thus you can easily compare the results from the different charts and communicate the information clearly to others.

Without choosing the ‘Fixed’ toggle, the y-axis value will be defined automatically for every chart based on their individual maximum values and the results will be displayed as follows:

Auto y-axis value
Number of issues /bugs/ created by month – Charts by Project – Max Y-Axis value – Auto

It is the same data with the same numbers, but the visual comparison between the charts is more difficult because the height of the bars does not communicate with the values from the other charts.

Please note that the default setting is Auto. We advise you to use Fixed Value carefully as it may cut data off your chart if not set properly, having in mind the metric values.

Check our User Guide page to explore the app’s features and more customization & styling options for your custom charts and reports.

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