Multiple Metrics

Show multiple metrics on the same chart, using ‘Multi Metric Combined Chart’ and ‘Multi Metric Trend Chart’ dashboard gadgets.

Multiple Metrics Reports with Performance Objectives app.

Please check the following recording with the configuration steps:

Multiple Metrics Report

Add ‘Time between’ metrics like Time between ‘Created’ and ‘Resolved’ or Time between ‘Created’ and ‘Due Date’, and analyze them side by side with others, e.g., ‘Original Estimate’, ‘Time Spent’. Please check the recording below for more details:

Multi Metric - Time between events

Add Jira Service Management SLA metrics, e.g., Breached time, Elapsed time, and explore them along with other data.

Multiple Metrics - SLAs

Please check the following recording with the detailed steps:

Multi Metric SLA

Check this user case where you may also use Multiple Metrics: Support Requests Report by time of day.

If you need help with your multi metrics configuration, please reach out to our support team.