Venn Diagram

Use the Venn Diagram in Performance Objectives app to identify the group intersection of datasets by field which provides multiple options, e.g., Components, Labels, Fix Versions, Participants. It can be configured on any Jira standard dashboard using the ‘Venn Diagram’ gadget.

It’s an easy way to visualize groups of data with overlapping circles and investigate them further by clicking on the overlapping sections of the diagram.

Venn Diagram

Please find the configuration steps below for ‘Time spent by Components’ report:

Venn Diagram settings

Step 1: Add data source. Filter out the issues that need to be analyzed.

Step 2: Select metric ‘Time spent’ from the available metric options.

Step 3: Select field ‘Components’ for ‘Display by’ from the available field options. Save the configuration.

Recording: Please watch the screen recording with the configuration steps:

Check the other charting options we provide for your Jira data in our Chart types Overview page.

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