Time Spent in Rework KPI

Measure and track time spent in rework in Jira with Performance Objectives app and add the report to your dashboard.

The goal to reduce rework and improve team’s productivity may be brought to deliverable objective like: “Max 15% of time spent for all issues to be in rework / bug fixing.

Decrease time spent in rework - Track objectives in Jira.

Check below the step-by-step configuration:

Decrease time spent in rework - settings with Performance Objectives app

Step 1: Add 2 data sources. One with all issues and the other one with Bugs only.

KPI DecreaseTimeSpentInRework DataSource Bugs

Step 2: Select metric “Σ Time Spent (h)”.

Step 3: Set Data Source: B (with the Bugs) that will be used for the metric calculation.

Step 4: Set ‘Display by’ to be ‘Priority’. That’s what will be shown on the x-axis.

Step 5: Select ‘Stacked by’ components.

Step 6: Switch on Target section and select tab ‘% of Total’.

Step 7: Select data source: A (with All issues) for the target metric calculation. By default, the target metric is ‘Current Metric’ which means that the ‘Σ Time Spent (h)’ will be used here as well.

Step 8: Set target level value.

Step 9: Set target as negative by choosing ”Exceeding is’: Bad. This means that if the total is above the target level it will be considered as failed to achieve and colored in red.

Step 10: Under ‘More Settings’ section enable the ‘Custom Target Label’ setting. Set label, e.g., Fail, that indicates on the chart the Target is negative.

Recording: Please check the following recording with the detailed configuration settings:

Decrease time spent in rework - settings recording

You can build a dedicated “KPI Dashboard” with set of reports on your objectives to support your SMART goals. To see other use cases that may add value to your performance management process, please check the KPI Examples page.

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