% of Total Story Points KPI

Set a target per individual as percent of total Story Points that a whole team achieves during multiple Sprints. Set a level that acknowledges and rewards performers in the team. Allow them to track their goal progress during the whole evaluation period.

Recognize the ownership either by using custom fields (e.g. ‘Developed by’ ), or using JQL data segmentation to identify transitioning from status to status of certain user (e.g. status CHANGED FROM “In Progress” TO “Resolved” BY linda.jones or resolution CHANGED TO “Completed” BY linda.jones ).

More details on how to collect data e.g. ‘Developed by’, ‘Tested by’ can be found under the following article.

KPI PercentTotal StoryPoints Chart

Please find below the KPI configuration steps utilizing the Performance Objectives dashboard gadget for Jira:

KPI PercentTotal StoryPoints Config

Step 1: Configure the Data Source filtering the issues you want to analyze, e.g., Project ‘X’, issues created in the past 70 days.

Step 2: Select Jira field ‘Story Points’ for metric.

Step 3: Switch to vertical mode which allows more items to fit on the x-axis.

Step 4: For x-Axis (Display By) select ‘Developed by’ field (if you collect such workflow data) or ‘Assignee’.

Step 5: (Optional) Visualize the Story Points distribution by ‘Component’.

Step 6: Switch-on the Target section and select ‘% of Total’ tab.

Step 7: Select the Target results to be evaluated per x-axis item (i.e. the user field from the ‘Display by’ setting).

Step 8: Set target percent of total value.

Step 9: Under the ‘More Settings’ section enable the ‘Warning threshold’. The results that are above that threshold and under the target level will be colored in amber on the chart.

Recording: Please check the following recording with the detail configuration settings:

PercentTotal StoryPoints Recording

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