PoP Improvement KPI

Set PoP (Period on Period) goal as % of Total improvement compared to previous period.

The example KPI configuration below sets goal for 5% improvement quarter on quarter (QoQ) of completed Story Points by the team.

Please find the configuration steps below using the Performance Trend dashboard gadget:

Step 1: Add 2 Data Sources, one for the current quarter and other for the last quarter.

Step 2: Select metrics that will be evaluated, e.g. Story Points.

Step 3: Select the Data source: B with the Q2 data that will be used for the metric.

Step 4: Switch chart from Line chart to Area chart.

Step 5: Select ‘Show data by index’ for the ‘Created’ date which will allow to evaluate both periods defined in A and B Data Source on the same x-axis.

Step 6: Visualize distribution by ‘Components’ by setting it for ‘Stacked by’.

Step 7: Select Cumulative that will present the accumulated data with each x-axis item.

Step 8: Switch-on the Target and select the ‘% of Total’ tab option.

Step 9: Select results to be displayed by x-axis item to be able to track their progression with each x-axis item.

Step 10: Use data source: A with Q1 data for the target value calculation.

Step 11: Set target 105% to get 5% improvement Quarter on Quarter (QoQ).

Step 12: Under the ‘More Setting’ section enable the ‘Warning Threshold’ which is set by default as 50% of the total.

Step 13: Set the position of the Threshold label to be on the left to not overlap with the chart data which in cumulative mode is expected to be more dense on the right.

Step 14: Set the position of the Target label to be on the left as per above.

Recording: Step by step configuration using the Performance Trend dashboard gadget: