First Contact Resolution (FCR)

The KPI measures the percent of the requests / issues resolved on first interaction with Support team. There is a proven correlation between customer satisfaction and First Contact Resolution metric.

First Contact Resolution FCR

Please check the First Contact Resolution KPI configuration steps below, using the Performance Trend gadget, JQL data segmentation and % of Total goals presentation. Please note that “Supported by” and “Support Iterations” are not standard Jira fields, but you may easily add these as given in the following 3 min configuration steps.

Settings: Track First Contact Resolution with Performance Objectives for Jira app

Step 1: Define 2 data sources. One with all Support tickets and the second one with the resolved ones upon first contact (i.e., with the first iteration).

First Contact Resolution settings

Step 2: For the metric select Data Source B with the issues resolved on the first contact.

Step 3: Make sure that the date set in ‘Display by’ is ‘Resolved’, matching the one used for the ‘Date Range’ in the Data Source.

Step 4: Group issues by field ‘Supported by’. Alternatively, the field might be populated with the ‘Assignee’. If you are interested how to get the user that moved the issue from ‘Open’ to ‘In Progress’ from your workflow, or the one that has resolved the issue, please check the following article.

Step 5: Switch to cumulative mode that will accumulate the data from left to right on the chart with each week.

Step 6: Switch-on Target section and select ‘% of Total’ tab.

Step 7: Select Target results to be calculated per week (i.e., per x-axis item), which will allow to track the progression of the goal.

Step 8: Select Data Source: A with all Support tickets for the target metric and base for the percentage of total number of issues for the period.

Step 9: Set the target % of total value. In our case it is 3%. That will set goal as “At least 3% of total issues to be resolved upon the first contact”.

Step 10: From the ‘More Settings’ section enable the ‘Warning threshold’ that will color in Amber the results that are above the level of 50% of the target.

Recording: Please watch the screen recording with the configuration steps:

First Contact Resolution Video settings

First Contact Resolution is one of many useful metrics to track in your Jira in order to support your team effectiveness and improve processes. Other Operations KPIs that may be of interest to you are SLA Breach Report per team/assignee, Mean Time to Resolution, First Response Time.

These and many more custom reports are achievable with Performance Objectives: Charts for Jira app.

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