First Response Time (FRT)

The KPI presents the time between an issue is raised and the first interaction from Support, and is often calculated as an average of the issue timings for the evaluated period.

The first interaction might be associated with a particular step in issue workflow, e.g. “In Progress” and the time of the transition action to be captured in a custom field, as given under following 3 min JIRA configuration steps.

KPI Firrst Response Time (FRT)

Please find the configuration steps below:

Step 1: Identify JIRA issues to analyse on the chart for the KPI, and set them into the Data Source.

Step 2: Select metric ‘Time between’ and set ‘Date from’ to ‘Created’ and ‘Date to’ to ‘Progress Started’. If you are interested how to add a field, such as ‘Progress Started,’ that captures the date from certain workflow event, please check the following article.

Step 3: Select Average calculation. It will be calculated based on the number of issues.

Step 4: Set chart type to Area.

Step 5: Change the ‘Created’ date granularity on your preference. In our case it is month. By switching it from week to month there will be less items on the x-axis, which will benefit the readability of the chart.

Step 6: Switch-on the Target section ad leave the ‘Fixed’ tab selected.

Step 7: Set the target results to be calculated per x-axis item.

Step 8: Set target level. In the sample configuration case it is 500h.

Step 9: Set target as negative by setting ‘Exceeding is’ to ‘Bad’. That means that when the target is exceeded, the percentages given as result will be colored in red.

Step 10: Set ‘Warning threshold’ level that will color in Amber the results that are above its level.

Step 11: Set ‘Custom Target Label’ with a label that indicates on the chart the target is negative, e.g. Fail.

Recording: Please check the detailed settings on the following recording that utilizes the ‘Performance Trend’ dashboard gadget: